Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Future Has Been

Please peruse the following galaxy for your immediate gratification:

A lot of room for interpretation there...or here, if you will. Futurehasbeen is the name I came up with for my recording studio, though I haven't delved too deeply into marketing my services. I just like the way it sounds. Future has been. And no reason why the blogosphere can't share purpose with the world of recorded vibration.

As an introduction, post handshake of course, why not sample a one-minute public service announcement about democracy. If we lay down and play dead, we're fools at best. We should wake up pronto, lest we settle comfortably into the role of sheep.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger futurehasbeen said... the interest of full disclosure, here is the most recent (yesterday) lyrical content (in the key of A minor, actually) that I have generated...

I gave you up
For better
Or for worse
If I can’t give you up for real

I promise I won’t complicate
I’m sure we can negotiate a deal

You stay the hell away from here
At twice the legal limit, dear
Don’t bully me
I’m almost in control

And miles from you
I battle on
A sense of inner calm I feel

Time will tell
I tell my self
I tell myself I’m not myself at all

Don’t wave if you should pass me by
Coincidence is not my kind
Don’t notice me
I’m almost in control

I gather up my self-esteem
I’m playing for the other team
I’m over you
I gave you up at last

You haven’t even noticed how
I finish all my projects now
I’m almost done
I’m almost in control

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Speakeezie said...

The future has been!
Tell me what have you seen?
Have you seen the beginning as well as the end?
Were you once my enemy, are you now my friend?
Did we fight a thousand wars just to live in peace?
Did you fly with an eagle, did you dance with the geese?
Have you seen the beginning and the journey's end?
Do you know what awaits you around the next bend?
If the future has not been,
Then what is it, we have seen?

At 11:56 AM, Blogger futurehasbeen said...

...or could it mean "I coulda been someone," and that now i'm washed up...

detritus vs. truthseeker

I contort, you decide.


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