Tuesday, July 26, 2005

An Out of Context Reply to Steven Capozzola

Do I know this person? It appears you have succeeded in making him yo bitch. I have always enjoyed your "f the immigrants" position, and your economic sense. Manufacturing in the USA will become even more important when our battle with China heats up as the oil runs out. We'll have really screwed ourselves then, having outsourced our capacity to produce anything more tangible than a financial transaction.

I have to admit though; I'm secretly rooting for CNOOK over Chevrondoleeza in the Afghan Pipeline Sweepstakes.

The Defense Department, when they're not trying to one-cheek-sneak another internal report about low morale, are showing concern over China's military push. The new fleet of Chinese destroyers are said to have AEGIS technology stolen from us. We probably couldn't defend Taiwan any time this month or next, if you ask me.

My question is, is China just doing fascism better than us?

You mentioned the recommendations of the "independent" Kean commission, which would have been known as the Kissinger report had the Bush Crime Family had their first pick. It is bad enough that this cover-up crew altered timelines, disregarded crucial testimony, and failed to disclose serious conflicts of interest among some of its members. For the Administration to then play switcheroo with Security Bill provisions, prefering instead to "keep us safe" by dismantling the Bill of Rights and sub-contracting what's left of government ("drowning it in the bathtub" as Grover Norquist prophecized) in the Homeland Security reshuffle, is beyond forgivable.

The only Democrats left, in my opinion, are people like John Conyers of Michigan. And Republicans in the mold of the late John Heinz of Pennsylvania? Nowhere to be found.

Buy locally grown food. Drive less. Cheat on your taxes. Deconstruct government propaganda.

I had a flash of Bernhard Goetz as I imagined our border vigilantes urinating on a dusty Koran.


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