Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Constituent Requests Assistance

Friday, October 28, 2005

Senator Diane Feinstein
1 Post Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104
Voice: 415-393-0707
FAX: 415 249-4785

Senator Feinstein,

More than 2,000 American soldiers are dead. Tens of thousands are wounded; and many will be forever plagued by post traumatic stress, or the loss of legs, hands, and eyes. There is no official count as to how many citizens of Iraq have been killed, maimed, or orphaned. This will remain a blemish on our nation’s history, and you share in the responsibility for it.

You supported the war in Iraq from the beginning, either because you like many of your colleagues were conned into your vote by the lies of the Bush Administration, or because the industry of war itself benefits you financially. To be honest, I stopped listening to you after your support of the resolution authorizing the President to wage war. At the time you conceded that you were voting against the tide of your constituents, and I promptly wrote to inform you that you would never again receive my vote for any office.

Have you met with Cindy Sheehan yet? Have you answered her elemental question? What is the noble cause for which her son Casey died? And don’t try to sneak a press statement out either. You need to look her in the eye and answer her. The families of our fallen soldiers demand and deserve the truth.

By the way, I was arrested with Cindy and nearly 400 others on September 26, 2005 in front of the White House, and issued a citation for demonstrating without a permit. I cannot afford to travel to Washington for my November court date, and I do not wish to plead guilty because I am not guilty of anything more than participating in civil disobedience alongside my fellow citizens – people who feel a moral obligation to engage in and support nonviolent protest against an illegal and immoral war.

You can begin to redeem yourself by helping me out with my ticket. It’s the least you can do, really. I’m sure you know people…

And then have the guts to admit that you were wrong. Change your tune about the greedily conceived and incompetently executed war in Iraq, and tell the American people that we should bring the troops home now. It’s the only way to win back my vote.

I will deliver copies of my citation and other legal documents to your San Francisco District office, so that you might best be able to assist me. The case is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS JESSE DYEN, violation #P0546949.

Please do not reply to me with one of your canned responses. I am a constituent with a big mouth.

Jesse Dyen
Oakland, CA

PS I have since heard that you told David Welna of National Public Radio that you would have voted differently had you known then what you know now. A good first step, I suppose. I would love to hear you elaborate on that.


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