Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Smattering of Randi Posting

I imagine the whole experience is designed to intimidate and coerce a potentially unruly guest into "behaving" oneself. It's a classic case of home field advantage. It's Hannity's set, staff, format, etc., and you have to really have your soundbite mojo up to speed to get through the Neanderthal grunting of the host. And the boss always has the last word, with some help from his post-production editor.

Only those like George Galloway, armed with potent truth and Barbara Boxer sized gonads can properly brow beat the buffoons on the TV. Everyone from Howard Dean to whomever they get to challenge Tom DeLay's seat should employ Mr. Galloway as their personal public speaking coach.

And of course, testifying in the Senate is a bit more civilized than walking the plank over at FOX studios.

Rove should by rights be issued a urine-soaked Koran, and shipped out on the next (unmarked) plane to Guantanamo. People have been executed for far less than his offense(s). Novak should simply choke to death on his own feces (preferably live on CNN).

In reality, though, they will likely draw this out long enough to have Junior pardon him on his way out...which is assuming these criminals will ever leave. If the heat gets turned up any more on this, watch your back, because these bloodthirsty thieves wouldn't think twice about engineering a little 9/11 redux to make this bad dream go away

Wumser, Hadley, Hannah, Cheney, Bolton, Libby...
smells more like charges of conspiracy
in this case perhaps impeachable
Conyers is on the case, of course
but we need Congress (post '06?) to bring the charges
i hope they don't let Cheney know what day Fitzgerald's report comes out...other wise...look out

the war was a lie even back when Poppy Bush was the front man

and each piece of evidence offerered was quickly debunkable with a few minutes of research

before the war rattles had really caught on, it was fairly easy to read reports about massive military build up

as soon as i saw James Baker arguing against counting the votes in Flordia, I election far too important to lose

don't forget about the presidential pardon...scumbags like Abrams and North and such got pardoned...the only way to really rid the cancer is impeachment...that will take a swing of Congress out of BUSHCOntrol in 2006 elections...
which brings us back to Diebold, unfortunately

Conyers for President!

I've never been one for random searches. We used to have a Bill of Rights for that, but no more.

I suppose we should be thankful that they don't shoot us in the face and ask questions later. The London police are very clearly saying that the shoot to kill policy (quietly adopted 2 years ago) is here to stay, and that cops murdering a mistaken suspect will happen again.

It's like this is all a dress rehearsal for the permanent police state. A search here, a liberty eroded there...bit by bit...keep the fear in the news. Continue to intimidate or con lawmakers into casting gutless votes for bills they are too scared or else too lazy to read and understand.

Next thing you know we're all reporting our neighbors for wearing a sweater in the summer.


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