Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Morning Appearances

A few points from today's programs:

Remember Cheney's "I don't know Joe Wilson. I've never met Joe Wilson." comment on Meet the Press, back in the early carefree days when he and his pals thought Aschcroft's broom would be deft enough to sweep the whole matter into obscurity (and national security, no doubt).

Regarding Wilkerson, Wolf cut him off as soon as he mentioned James Bamford's Rolling Stone article that connects some dots between the Rendon Group, Chalabi and the INC, and such. I found that interesting timing (I missed Wolf v Rummy, so perhaps he had time to be "reprogrammed" in the exective green room during the break).

Rummy was also on Face the Nation, and when he pulled his I-don't-read-or-write-anything-down bit so as to duck any substantive comment on Rep. Murtha's proposal or the British rules ruckus in the House this week (he attributed his ignorance to being on a plane from Australia) , but then had a quick comment on BushClellan's response. Bob Scheiffer got an aside in there under his breath (transcript, anyone?) noting that he was incommunicado in one instance, and in the loop in the other instance. Perhaps this relates somehow to his "airheadtight" theory about known knowns and unknown knowns, which still puzzles philosophers worldwide.

Last, about the timing of Wilkerson's coming out party. I agree that the mute button on the microphone has been heavily guarded, and that we should applaud him not just for his courage, but also for his intellect and his directness.

There were some who resigned early. Take the example of Ann Wright, who resigned from the State Department around the time Colin Powell made his credibility-busting U.N. speech. She has since gone on to be instrumental in the Camp Casey movement, and has been found heckling Condoleeza Rice at Senate Hearings (on the rare day she actually visits the Hill), and protesting Powell at university speaking engagements.


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