Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Peace Machine Rolls On

Just because you haven’t been hearing from me doesn’t mean I haven’t been working the country on your behalf. Since hitting the road on October 26, Dennis Kyne and I have been singing and shouting on the street corner in Sacramento, over the airwaves in Phoenix, through the gates of the White House, across Independence Mall in Philadelphia, atop the IVAW bus and from the stage at Ft. Benning, Georgia, and among war resisters, veterans, and other assorted patriots gathered around the campfire in Slidell, Louisiana.

Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War are rehabilitating houses in the New Orleans area, in cooperation with the Arabi Wrecking Krewe. Check out some video set to the tune of our newest track, “In America,” which we wrote and recorded all in one day over at Ward Reilly’s Peace Project Studio in Baton Rouge.

And while you’re patting your back about your role in sending the Republican oligarchy home from DC, and getting ready to hound the Democrats to listen to the voice of the people, take a stroll down recent memory lane to an event that just may have swung the election that knocked George “Macaca” Allen out of the Senate.

The day before the election we decided to greet the distinguished racist from the Commonwealth of Virginia as he dismounted for a whistle-stop appearance at the Vienna Metro station. An angelic sponsor had infused us with some funding for this unrehearsed addendum to our itinerary. We jumped onto the Beltway from Silver Spring in time to be there before 7:00 am, where we proceeded to disrupt Allen’s photo op with our signs and our unruly behavior.

Rush hour had begun. I was slithering my way into the camera shot with “Warmongers will not get my vote” on a posterboard. Cindy Sheehan was working her magic amongst the people and the press. The repetitive shouts of, “Macaca ” and “the troops hate you” had clearly rattled the soon-to-be-defeated Senator, as was clear from the look in his eye. I was close enough to see something resembling fear on his face until his paid operatives physically removed me from the mini-gaggle of cameras. George Allen retreated after about five minutes, and went on to lose the election by less than ten thousand votes.

Who’s to say how many Virginians saw Allen’s losing look on their TV box that day, and then took that image to the polls with them and sent him packing? We’ll accept a dash of the credit in that particularly pivotal race, if for no other reason than to prove the point that ordinary citizens can make a difference when the opportunity presents itself. We went the path of guerilla politicking this time, where maybe you went the route of clicking the Paypal button for a candidate or two. Again, give yourselves a round of applause.

We’ve got a spot where you can support our efforts in celebrating the wave of resistance that is rippling through the United States military. I will continue to remind you at cleverly chosen intervals about how you can support our mosaic of projects. We’re not finished yet.

For those who have showered me with your praise and thanks and encouragement, consider stepping it up a notch. We’ve covered a lot of miles lately, with more ahead. Help us out with whatever you can - call it gas money or some other benevolent phrase that suits you. I’ve not been much in the habit of asking for money, so when I do you can be sure it’s for a worthy cause. Give early and often.


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